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December 14, 2015

2016 fashions and labelling trends

By: Lynsey Bowen

Dashes Graphic

2016 fashions are being labelled as ‘bringing back the 80s’ according to those in the know and fashion trends are no exception.

Epic remakes of classic 80s movies, pop songs which sound remarkably reminiscent of Bon Jovi or Duran Duran and fashions which favour the New Romantics and Punk Rockers are all in the mix.

Fashion has a tendency to turn full circle through the generations and many parents in their 50s will no doubt be wishing that they had not disposed of their 1980s outfits, as their cards and wallets are hit hard by children demanding the ‘latest’ 2016 fashions.

Perhaps the most notable (or noticeable) trend has been in the lean towards Punk style; in terms of both music and associated fashion. The vibrant colours and loud patterns are seemingly the way forward for 2016 fashions; with bold mis-matched prints like stripes, dogstooth check, large spots and 3-D effects being the order of the day.

Hair, make up and jewellery are not quite in the same radical league as yet, but when the new season’s styles become readily available…..wait and watch!
2016 Fashions

Source: fashioniser.com

For the older or more conservative dresser, there is a resurrection of that old favourite Paisley, in many guises, formed into flowing skirts and dresses or loose fitting blouses.

These can be worn with almost any style of footwear and accessorised to make them suitable for virtually any occasion.

For children, pre-teens and any adults brave enough, lairy florals and the brightest colours imaginable are being combined to create imaginative and individual Mix ‘n’ Match outfits where virtually anything goes.

On completely the other side of the coin, for smart dressers and partygoers, it is all about the New Romantic look. Lace is no longer just for underwear or a wedding dress. A big 2016 fashion trend will be very feminine Victorian style blouses or dresses, in neutral colours, suitable to wear in the office, as well as some incredibly sexy lace creations for parties and balls.

1980 Fashion Men’s fashion predictions for 2016 are just a tad more conservative. The emphasis appears to be on smart casual, but with subtle patterns and colours included. Inevitably, the old evergreen combat will be making yet another appearance; or more to the point, some novel variations on the theme of combat!

There are always a few notable exceptions of course! Despite the seemingly outlandish catwalk looks in the photo, no doubt the big cities will be witness to a few brave men who feel the need to express their individuality by wearing some of these outfits.


Apart from a few specialist garment manufacturers, most clothing made at the start of the 1980s had labels which looked pretty similar to this:

clothing labelIn keeping with the mid-1980s trend of everyone producing ‘designer clothing’, there was an insurgence of personalised woven labels for clothes – most attached to a visible outer part of the garment.
Later on came attractive hanging labels and the rubber or silicon labels types as shown in the image.

rubber label

The latest fashions themselves may be 80s throwbacks, but in 2016, labelling is undergoing some serious updating, largely as a result of the newest computer-aided design technologies.

A very particular labelling trend has emerged, with labels to be found in many innovative new guises, including some stunning examples of very collectable miniature 3-D printing artefacts. These are highly likely to be found attached to some of next season’s fashion offerings!

Clothing manufacturers in the child and teen markets have also jumped on a similar bandwagon; hoping to tempt parents into buying by making their labels into tiny gift packages.

The Last Word……

Whether you loved them or hated them, the 80s certainly appear set on making at least a brief comeback in 2016 fashions.

Whilst some of the most radical looks are currently appearing to be a little tamer for next year, the marketing ploys and prices are certain to be fierce!

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