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February 11, 2019

A beginner’s guide to logo design

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

What do Netflix, Innocent Smoothies, Snapchat, NASA and Coca Cola have in common? An instantly recognisable logo that stands the test of time.

The same is true for the fashion industry – think of Chanel, Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton. Their logos are so synonymous they’ve become much-coveted status symbols. How does yours stack up next to these iconic symbols?

Your logo is your stamp of approval, your seal of the highest standards and a way for your customers to spot you in even the most crowded room. If yours needs a tweak, refresh or complete revamp, here’s how you can give it a little TLC. Who knows, you may be inspired to become the next big name…


Reflect your brand identity

Just like your signature colours, social media feeds and the products themselves, your logo should reflect you.

Think about it – if we imagine what the logo would be for a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle brand, we can picture a modern-font and monochrome colour palette. Or how about a handwritten-style font and rustic shades for a quirky, vintage-inspired clothing company?

If you aren’t sure how to reflect your personality in your logo, it’s super-simple. Find a quiet moment and write down a list of all the words that describe your brand. It helps to think about celebrities that match the personality of your brand so you can visualise different traits. And don’t be afraid to reach out friends, family and customers to get their perspective too.

Once you have a good list, pare it down to just two or three different adjectives – that’s your brand personality. All you need to do now is find fonts and colours to match the words. Start by scouring Pinterest and Instagram for some visual inspiration, but don’t forget to snap photos of things like shop fronts, flyers and even cafe menus when you see a logo or colour you like.

Put pen to paper

Designing a logo can feel different from designing your products. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert artist to map out some ideas. In fact, that’s the fun bit. Plus, you’ll need something to show a designer or manufacturer when you get the final stages.

Get out a stack of paper and some colouring pens and let your imagination run wild. Try out different writing styles, sizes and colours to get a true feel for what you like. You may just surprise yourself at how creative you can be – and there’s no better feeling than knowing your initial sketch informed the final design.

Tackle the technical bits

You’ve perfected your colour palette, defined your style and scribbled down a prototype. What’s next? It’s time to bring in the experts – and that means making time for a phone call or email with a friendly bunch of label makers (hey, that’s us).

Whether you’re buzzing with ideas or your mind’s drawn a blank, we can recommend the best ways to bring your ideas to life. Made a Pinterest board filled with logos you love? Pop it over in an email. Sketched some ideas for fonts? Perfect, send us a snap. No idea on where to start? We’ll make sure we have plenty of time for a natter.

Using your inspirations, our design team will craft a logo that truly reflects your personality, philosophy and aesthetic using the highest quality materials that will bring out the best in your designs. And what’s more, we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. Sound good? Speak to our team today to get cracking.

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