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October 31, 2015

Bespoke Clothing Labels and Branding – How it’s done

By: Lynsey Bowen

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Bespoke clothing designs are subject to the same supply and demand rules as any other product; the lower the supply the higher the demand. So, using this logic, is there even a need to think about branding and marketing when you are designing one-off or limited edition designs for your clothing range?

We all know the answer is yes but why? What is the value to my brand and should I brand these bespoke designs and limited editions differently to my other lines?

Let’s break this down. We all know that branding your designs is important for both your brand and your designs. Your designs convey your brands attributes and attitudes and your brand needs to be communicated to its target audience.

Monyash_WEB-18 smSo how do you go about branding a bespoke clothing design? Does it need to be different to how you would brand your other designs? The short answer is no, it doesn’t have to be branded differently but it might be nice to highlight the uniqueness of your limited edition designs.

The golden rule of branding is to ‘brand’ your products or designs with your ‘mark’. This is the most basic definition of branding but if we speed up to the present day, nothing much has changed. Your ‘mark’ needs to convey all of the things you and your designs stand for.

So, perhaps the real question we should be asking ourselves is; ‘what do our limited editions say about our brand?’ Maybe they are an extension of a particular brand attribute such as creativity or extravagance etc. Or perhaps your bespoke designs are to celebrate a particular brand personality trait such as the brands playfulness.

Mamnick Limited Edition Shirt

If this is the case, it is a good idea to follow this theme through to the branding you use. It is unlikely that using the same method for displaying your logo and branding device as you use on your standard or regular designs is going to have the level of impact and convey the right message for your bespoke clothing designs.

For example, if you’ve designed a bespoke, limited edition line to celebrate your brands ‘trendy’ approach to outdoor wear, you would want to emphasis your branding on a durable zipper pull and a rubber badge with your logo on the pocket. You wouldn’t want to simply use a printed cotton label to show your brand as it just wouldn’t emphasis the brand qualities you were trying to celebrate with your limited edition design.

Other forms of branding include the use of labels which convey the quality and added value of your bespoke designs. They might be desirable as one-offs but they will also need to demonstrate their credentials as a designer piece of clothing.

Jacron smAn excellent way of adding value to an item could be to use a different material for the brand labels such as a soft faux-suede jacron label. Your branded artwork would be imprinted into the label giving a rich two-tone embossed effect. These types of branding labels are often seen on denim products to demonstrate quality and authenticity.

Another alternative to branding your bespoke garments could be to use the same type of branded labels or badges but to create a one-off or limited edition versions of the design or artwork used on your labels.

By subverting the colours or obscuring the device of your brand logo, you can brand your products but still emphasis the creative uniqueness of your bespoke items and designs.

Bespoke clothing labels can be created with your labelling company to help you convey your brand attributes and personality traits whilst also creating a ‘special’ and ‘unique’ feel to the clothing design. If you are struggling to come up with an appropriate design or artwork for your bespoke labels, talk to your labelling company as they will be able to advise you as to what artwork will work best on different types of labels. They will also have experience of setting out bespoke artwork for labels and could save you a lot of time in the long run!

It will, of course, depend on the type of bespoke garment you are designing as to what form of branding is appropriate but it is definitely worth considering the different options when it comes to branding your limited edition designs.

The golden rule when branding anything is to remember what impression you want your designs to make in your customers minds.

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