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February 19, 2020

Breathable fabrics for hot weather

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

If you’re a resort wear designer, swimwear brand or a creative working on a summer collection, you need to know your garments are going to work in hot weather.

So even though the rain is lashing at the window and you’re wishing your toes felt a lot toastier, it’s time to sit back with a cuppa and plan out your new season range with the best summer fabrics in mind…

The best fabrics for summer
When it comes to summer textiles, breath-ability is key. Your customers need to know they can throw on your designs and feel cool even during the most sizzling heatwave.

It’s also important to consider comfort. Soft fabric that doesn’t chafe and light textiles that can be layered are often the centerpiece of every strong summer collection.

If you’re designing a summer collection you may also want to consider the planet. From shirts made from pineapples to shoes made from plastic bottles, there are so many incredibly innovative options to explore.

And finally, with your summer collection it’s all about the details. Think about switching to lighter cotton labels and consider the little things such as making sure your wash labels are soft and irritation-free.

Soft, lightweight and breathable, cotton is the natural choice for summer products. It also soaks up sweat and allows heat to escape which helps the wearer stay cool and dry on hot days.

This fabric has the same aesthetic and all the same benefits of denim without being heavy or cumbersome. And because it’s lighter in weight it can be used in classic summer designs such loose-fit shirts and floaty skirts.

Because it has very thin fibres, Rayon is distinctly more breathable than other fabrics. It also has a lightness which prevents it from sticking to the body. Many people find it actually has a cooling effect which is why you’ll find prominent use of Rayon in sportswear and athleisure collections.

This ethical alternative is quick-drying, antibacterial (even after washing) and super soft. This makes it great for casual wear but also beach accessories such as eye masks, scrunchies, sliders and towels.

Light and loosely woven, linen allows heat to escape the body and absorbs moisture. It’s perfect for keeping customers cool and dry while offering a unique texture. Many people think of linen as stiff, but this is actually a positive thing as it means it won’t stick to the skin. Instead, linen offers comfort all day long.

Switch up your branding for summer
Your amazing summer designs need incredible branding to match. Email our team at info@gblabels.co.uk to talk about the ways good branding can help maximise the impact of your summer collection.

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