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October 9, 2015

Bringing badges back

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

As we say goodbye to the iconic This is England 90, we’re taking a heavy influence from the gang’s signature style with our range of woven badges.

This is England 90. Photo credit Channel 4.

This is England 90. Photo credit Channel 4.

Creating that grunge look

The UK has definitely seen a bit of a 90s revival recently: with flannel shirts and slouchy backpacks back on shelves up and down the country, so we think it’s time to dust off your denims.

GB Labels can produce printed patches for any style of design – from unique creations to club logos. We use specialist die cutting techniques that allow us to create badges of any shape, perfect for a custom fit.

Quality finish for every material

Our woven badges have a high quality finish where you can choose from a non-woven or woven backing, and overlocked edges.

Overlocked edges in particular help to create that professional look for your badges. This technique creates a clean, raised edge around your design, making the badge ‘pop’ away from the fabric it sits on.

To make it easy for you to customise any of your clothes with badges, we can also add a traditional iron-on backing. This means you don’t have to worry about sewing your badges on, just line up where they need to be and place a hot iron on top to seal it in place.

Photo credit to sugarandspiceofficial.tumblr.com

Photo credit to sugarandspiceofficial.tumblr.com

Hot off the press

Once a favourite with sports teams, scouts and guides, woven badges became a cool way to ‘punk’ up a denim jacket with band patches and cheeky slogans.

Away from DIY fashionistas, luxury brands such as Barbour use woven badges as an elegant way to put their logo front and center. They add a high quality finish to t-shirts and jackets without the need to disrupt the original design of the garment.

For independent designers, woven badges are an affordable way to achieve the same level of finish, helping to give plain garments that extra touch of character.

Show your support

We can also create more traditional variations of our woven badges for sports brands and local clubs or groups. These use the same high quality techniques as our custom patches, with plenty of options for you to change the design to suit how you’re going to use it.

For example, add a self-adhesive backing to your badge so you can remove it without an issue if your team loses. We won’t tell if you don’t!


A selection of our woven badges for sport clubs.

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