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October 10, 2018

Colour, but not as you know it

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

colour home

“Don’t wear navy with black.”

“Neutral textiles are so much more scandi-inspired.”

“Who designs with tweed or wool when fast fashion is the biggest trend right now?”

As self-confessed Instagram obsessives, we see conversations like this every day. It seems the world of design is constrained by rules and preconceptions. But without the rule-breakers, dreamers and renegade creatives, what will happen to the industry?

We believe there’s absolutely a place for clashing prints, bright colours and making your own rules. In this post, we’re turning design don’ts into design do’s to inspire you to rip up the rule book and design something uniquely you.

Colour blocking

colour blocking outfit

This ‘trend’ isn’t anything new. In fact, it’s Her Majesty’s go-to look for every occasion. But this season, we’ve been snowed under with street style snaps of one-shade outfits from Fashion Weeks across the world.

The high street is taking note, with brands such as Arket allowing you to separate and search collections by colour to help customers perfectly achieve the colour-blocking look.

This month has also seen the launch of the renamed John Lewis and Partners. To celebrate, it launched a capsule collection of interchangeable pieces, designed to help customers create a minimalist wardrobe. Using colour blocking as ‘building blocks’ to pull together outfits in unapologetically bright shades is a bold move that’s sure to set them apart.


It isn’t just the fashion world that’s captivated by matchy-matchy looks. Designers such as Made Weave Love are using colour blocking in their designs to explore the depth and variety you can find in just one hue.


Inspired to try it in your next collection? There’s over 50,000 posts dedicated to colour blocking on the gram, so get double-tapping your way to a brand new moodboard.


Multiple prints

Former fashion editor and Instagram stalwart Erica Davies is our inspiration for styling things in a way that makes you feel good regardless of rules.


Whether she’s mixing a breton top with a leopard print dress or mixing boho and traditional styles in her home, her feed is sure to inspire you to start a whole new sketchbook.


The brighter, the better
If you’re stuck with the same palette, look to the world of illustration for colour inspiration. Designers like Eleanor Bowmer aren’t afraid to adorn their art with the boldest shades – and you shouldn’t be either.


To reset your brain and see colour in a fresh light, you need to unleash your inner child. You know, the one who came home from nursery covered in paint, chalk and crayon. Grab an empty sketchbook and a packet of acrylic paint and go full Jackson Pollack. You’ll soon spot colours you’ve never thought of and you may even discover a new shade. Watch out Pantone.


Are you a design rule-breaker?
Ultimately, design is all about having fun – and we’re on a mission to promote that message to the world. To help spread the word about fearless design, tag us in snaps of your designs on Instagram and we’ll share them with our community of crafters, makers and designers.

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