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December 2, 2019

Fabric trends 2020 – the textiles you need to know about

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

We’re winging our way towards a new year and with it, comes an abundance of new technologies, concepts and trends for designers and makers to get excited about. In this post, we’re taking a look at the fabric trends set to take centre stage in 2020 so you can create a collection to be proud of. 

Making a mark

With so much support for independent creatives and artists, we’re not surprised to see that fabrics inspired by art are making a comeback. Expect to see fabrics printed with loose brushstrokes, paint splatters and hand drawn motifs – essentially anything that looks like it came straight from an artist’s mind. 

Tangible textures 

Next year, we’ll be seeing lots of fabrics that pay homage to manufacturers and artisan processes. Examples include rustic checks, pronounced warps and wefts, rough cut boucles and fabrics that resemble something cut straight from a weaver’s loom. Also expect to see ‘natural’ fabrics such as linen and cotton find prominence due to their irresistible texture. 

Creating a dream world

Prints that are created digitally have opened up a whole new world of design possibilities and in 2020, we’ll see this really starting to come into effect. Look out for fabrics printed with abstract motifs, sunset tones and optical illusions which are sure to create a surreal effect. 

Inspiration from the natural world

During 2019, we’ve seen an increase in (well-deserved) focus on this planet we call home. So naturally, fabrics in 2020 will take a lot of inspiration from the natural world. From delicate drawings of wild flowers to rich tapestry-style fabrics which depict woodland scenes, flora and fauna are sure to spark lots of great collections next year. 

Textured branding to bring your collection together

Whether you need soft woven labels with a subtle sheen, textured cotton labels or chunky cardboard swing tags, we can help you create the branding you deserve. To elevate the aesthetic of whatever fabric you choose, talk to our team by email info@gblabels.co.uk and we’ll help you find the right garment label for your collection.

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