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June 19, 2018

Future of fabric – weird and wonderful creatures

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

Scientists and designers are constantly finding cutting-edge, imaginative ways to create new fabrics. From red wine and milk to mushroom and pineapple (Hawaiian pizza, anyone?), nothing is off limits when it comes to the pursuit of fashion.

Even so, the idea of wearing clothes made from spiders and hagfish can seem a little far-fetched. But some savvy designers are making the bizarre a reality.

Spider Silk

Scientists have been busy trying to replicate the super-strong properties of spider silk for decades.

Bolt Threads have come up with a process for growing proteins from yeast, which is then spun into fibres.

Screenshot 2018-06-19 14.13.14

The process is better than many current methods of textile production. This is due to the fact that it can be done without using harmful chemicals, which are needed for materials like Nylon.

The first prototype products are already available for purchase – a range of limited edition ‘spider silk’ ties.

Screenshot 2018-06-19 14.13.52

Hagfish Slime

Another bizarre biomaterial comes in the form of hagfish slime.

Hagfish are intriguing eel-like creatures, who use a slime-like substance as a protective weapon to escape from predators.

Screenshot 2018-06-19 14.14.10

Due to its thinness and elasticity, scientists are investigating other practical uses for this incredible material – one of which is a replacement for silk. Once the gelatinous slime is dissolved, it can then be spun into silk – and used as a futuristic eco-fabric.

Screenshot 2018-06-19 14.14.30

Not tempted by a slime suit?

Our labels aren’t made from fish or fruit (yet) – but we still love to do our part for the planet. Nab yourself some of our 100% natural cotton labels in soft ecru or crisp white and enjoy your most eco-friendly collection yet.


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