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March 25, 2022

3 Weeks To Easter! Quick & easy product ideas for 17 April 2022

By: Peter Gregory

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Quick & Easy Easter Products

Eggs aren’t the only way to make money this Easter! If you’re a clothing designer or accessories startup, there are plenty of quick and easy products that you can create and sell in time for the Easter weekend. 

For decades, we’ve been involved in the clothing and accessories businesses, and we’ve witnessed our customers try out lots of different ideas at different times of year. This list will reveal the 7 simplest, fastest product ideas with Easter gift potential. If you’re creative and if you’re willing to work hard over the next few weeks, you could have designs on the shelves in time for the Easter weekend! 

1: Egg Hunt Kits

These seasonal party packs are the perfect product for anyone hosting an egg hunt this Easter! If you’ve got a screen printer and bags (blank totes or hand-made bags), then you have everything you need!

An egg hunt kit needs to include enough equipment for a party of children to go hunting for eggs, indoors or outdoors. At the very least, every kit should include multiple small easter-themed bags. You may want to add some dress-up elements like clip-on bunny tails and rabbit eared headbands, too. If you’re selling a toddler-friendly egg hunt kit, consider some satin ribbons that can be tied or placed close to where eggs are hiding. 

2: Table Linens

If you’ve got a sewing machine and some beautiful springtime-patterned fabric, then you need to look at table linens. Easter Sunday is traditionally a day when the whole family gathers for one big meal around the table. If you can get napkin sets, table runners and/or full-size tablecloths in front of shoppers in charge of hosting, then you can make a lot of sales before the big day. 

Easter is a time of hope and renewal, so try to find bright, fresh patterns that evoke that sort of feeling. Table linens get hit with gravy, wine and mint jelly on a regular basis, so pick fabrics that won’t warp or shrink in the washing machine. If you can, make sure fabrics can go in the tumble dryer, too. 

3: Picnic Blankets

Picnic blankets are a great product to invest in at this time of year. Not only are customers yearning for time outdoors as the weather improves, but they will continue to buy picnic blankets after the Easter weekend, too. If you make too much product to sell in time for Easter, it won’t just sit on your stockroom shelf for a year. The appetite for picnic blankets will continue to grow as the days grow longer and gardens and parks come back to life.

Picnic blankets aren’t as simple to make as you might think. The traditional square blanket shape is straightforward — certainly easy to cut and sew — but you need multiple layers of material to keep picnickers dry and warm.  You should build in a waterproof layer at the bottom, a light insulative layer in the middle, and potentially a third (ideally wipe-clean) surface layer for the top side. If possible, the whole product should be machine-washable, too. 

4: Costumes & Kidswear

There is nothing cuter than a baby in an easter costume! Full costumes take time to make from scratch, so with 3 weeks to go, we recommend you start with a blank garment — maybe an all-in-one romper — and accessorise it. You can stitch on a woven badge, add a hood, or velcro-attach some rabbit ears or a tail.

There are some gorgeous polyester fleece fabrics that look great and resemble the coats of newborn lambs and baby chicks … but you don’t have to go all out. Even a simple screen-printed tee can work.  Just remember that you only have three weeks, so pick a design that you can execute quickly,  using the tools you already have. 

5: Gardening Aprons

If you love working with denim and chino, then get to work on some gardening aprons and garden tool belts this Easter! 

You don’t have to cover these in easter eggs or bunny pictures. At this time of year, a lot of gardeners are outdoors, planting, weeding and finding new ways to bring fresh life and colour into their gardens. A fresh, clean, practical gardening apron or tool belt can make a great Easter gift. 

Gardening tools are very hard on an apron pocket. Trowel edges and fork tines tend to be made from heavy-duty metal, which can be gritty, sharp and heavy. To make sure that your apron pockets and belt pouches can stand up to years of use, pick a strong thread, loosen up the tension on your sewing machine and go for the strongest stitch possible.

6: Easter Baskets

Whether it’s full of fresh flowers, hot cross buns, easter eggs, bunting or anything else, a proper Easter basket is a sight to behold! Easter baskets should ooze hand-crafted quality and charm. You need to use tactile fabrics, bright colours and comforting, traditional shapes. 

There are two ways to create an Easter basket. You can weave or crochet one by hand yourself, or you can accessorise a blank basket. Given the time still available between now and Easter, you might find it easier to stick with option 2!

Many catering supply companies and garden centres stock plain wicker baskets and are willing to sell them on a wholesale basis. Just make sure that the basket you’re buying matches the tone you’re trying to strike. For instance, willow wicker and polywicker look the same on a website, but they have a completely different look and feel when you hold them in your hand. 

7: Egg Cosies 

Egg cosies are fun, novel and heartwarming additions to any kitchen cupboard … and they have a great profit margin! 

All an egg cosy really needs to do is to add a touch of fun and whimsy to a breakfast tray. Egg cosies don’t need to be very good at insulating (… unlike a tea cosy, which needs to keep a teapot warm for as long as possible). There’s also no set rule on what egg cosies should be made from. You can use yarn, felt, scrap material … whatever you like. 

You can lean heavily on the Easter theme with egg cosies. Take a look at this YouTube crafting video showing a beautiful rabbit-themed egg cosy design perfect for Easter:

The UK needs Easter egg alternatives! 

Almost 30% of people in the UK don’t actually like Easter eggs. Recent data from YouGov revealed that 11% of people in the UK actively dislike chocolate eggs, while a further 18% of people feel neutral towards them. (source: YouGov). 

When you consider that £153 million was spent on Easter eggs in the UK last year (source: BBC), there must be a massive market out there — potentially worth tens of millions of pounds — for unique, non-traditional Easter gifts. This is the perfect time to experiment and see what sort of appetite is out there for your products. You can achieve a lot in three weeks!

Whatever you choose to make this year, make sure that you have a route to market. Competition for shoppers’ attention is stiff, and if you haven’t already booked space at a popup or a market stall, it may be too late to get in. Instead, go meet with the owners of local boutiques and gift shops. Work with them to get your stock in front of shoppers in the next few days. Consider an online sales push, too. Easter comes but once a year, so pull out all the stops! 

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