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August 4, 2015

Home Sweet Home

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

Putting your brand on the map


Designers across the world love you to know where they are from or where there base of work is, branding has many tricks and tips available to emphasise the brand, history and the level of design, and one of them is to put your brand on the map, literally! Everyone has seen on the bottom of the labels or swing tickets the traditional “LONDON” “NEW YORK” “PARIS” more so when a particular designer is at a fashion week in that part of the world. Although being part of or close to the fashion capitals of the world is great, but not everyone starting there own businesses are situated there, so a clever trend at the moment is to emphasise “local” qualities in your products or brands and using your labels and other garment finishing products to do so.

Almost everywhere is renowned for something! Food is a great example of this, Particular types of food are renowned for there quality and is some cases are protected from anyone copying them, and are usually in rural or “unfashionable” areas such as Red Leicester cheese, or the Bakewell tart.

This type of regional quality can be and is applied to many different types of products and it’s defiantly something to think about when creating a brand for your own business. Weather it be woollen products from Wales or Scotland, beachwear designed in Brighton or Cornwall. Or even good old-fashioned tweed from Yorkshire. Making the most of the regional qualities can make your brand stand out from the rest even add an air of quality to the products.

It may not even just be the region but the country some of the best brands do it, I’m sure you must of seen this tag line somewhere “Beautifully British” it can also portray values and an ethos that your brand takes the time and the pride to make sure as a customer you are going to be getting the best you can possibly get which is what everyone wants when spending hard earned money. A lot of consumers now like to “buy local” either region or country more people would prefer to buy British now over the traditional manufacturing giants of the last 20-30 years such as China and Taiwan because of the quality and attention to detail and the British standards as well as in some cases the working conditions for employees or just simply the fact that people like to support local business, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this restricts you to just one area its about putting your business and the area on the global map if you can some of the largest brand in the world started life in some of the most obscure places such as Barbour from South Shields on the North East English coast or Paul Smith of Nottingham these brands use the qualities of the surrounding areas and build on them to appeal to the global market, and by using clever design influences and the highest quality in materials and production processes have become some of the biggest brands in the country if not the world.

So don’t think just because you not in one of the fashion “hot spots” of the world you cant get the most from toy brand build on your local values and advertise them it can mean the difference and make you stand out from the rest.

Hopefully we have given you a bit of inspiration into how to get the most from your brand. For more tailored advice or help with your label design, contact us.Or, for our latest news, tips, advice and label inspiration, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram



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