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December 16, 2019

How to brand your business in 2020

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

Nike has its ‘swoosh’ and Apple has its… Apple. Whichever way you look at it, branding matters. It’s the one thing that helps your brand stand out in an overcrowded market and could be the reason your customers fall in love with you and then stay with you for years to come. Here’s how to brand your business in 2020 so you can achieve that very thing. 

Capture your vision 

Before you order woven labels or research sustainable packaging options you need to have a deep understanding of who you are as a brand. Start by asking yourself questions such as:

Who is your target customer? 

What is your aesthetic? 

What colours represent your brand? 

You could even ask your customers for their opinion – or turn to friends and family for advice. Once you’ve figured it out, get creative by putting together a vision board. 

Use fabric samples, magazine cut outs and sketches to develop a look that truly captures the essence of your brand. And don’t forget to include something on your vision board that represents the biggest dreams you have for your brand. Next year is going to be an awesome year for you, we know it. 

Develop your brand with an expert

Next, you need to work with someone who can help you take your vision to the next level. You could work with a social media manager or website designer to translate your look online. Or team up with a copywriter to help you define how your brand should ‘sound’. 

If it’s a logo design or signature colour palette you’re after, a graphic designer can offer support in elevating your brand so it looks super-professional and gorgeous. And don’t forget, we offer a logo design and branding service here at GB Labels too!

Invest in the right branding products 

Whether you’re focusing on growing a community on social media or you’re heading out to some exciting trade fairs and markets, having the right branding products is mega important. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a branding starter kit we recommend:

Woven Labels or Cotton Labels

Labels may be small but they’re also mighty. 

Your label can let customers know where your brand is from, what material your products are made from and provide people with links to your social media channels. And that’s just the start! Often things such as washing and care instructions are a legal requirement so it’s important your label features those too. 

Our labels are made right here in the UK with the best materials and a focus on sustainability where possible. We can also support you with the design of your labels to ensure they’re spot on, just in time for that important event. 

Woven Ribbon or Cotton Ribbon

Many brands are trying to cut down on the amount of packaging they use which is why woven ribbon and cotton ribbon are a great option. 

Not only do perfectly tied bows make for great Instagram snaps, but our sturdy ribbon can often be reused by your customers again and again after its first use. Common ways our ribbon is re-purposed range from keeping tomato plants upright to ensuring fabric scraps stay bundled together in the studio. Nifty. 

It’s also great for offering a touch of sophistication to gift wrapped products – especially when you’re reusing paper that’s a bit ripped or wrinkled! It also allows you to increase your income by offering a gift wrapping service to your customers. 

Swing tags 

If your products are stocked at a retail outlet or heading off to a bustling event, you need a swing tag so customers know the price of your products and remember your brand.

A swing tag is also a fantastic way to instantly elevate the professionalism of your brand and if you’re savvy, it can be reused as a bookmark or gift tag. It’s all about keepin’ things eco-friendly. 

Support to brand your business

Lost when it comes to logos? Wondering about woven labels?

We hear you loud and clear. 

Designing your branding is exciting but it can also feel overwhelming. That’s why our team of friendly woven label suppliers take their time to really get to know you. They can then guide you through each step of the process to the perfect result.

Sound good? Drop an email to info@gblabels.co.uk and let’s create some magic.

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