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November 4, 2019

How to order woven labels

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

Woven labels. Every brand needs them but for many designers the ordering process can feel overwhelming. To help you secure your woven label order in time for the new season, we’ve put together some advice on ordering woven labels with confidence. 

Plan out your time

While most woven labels suppliers can adapt to your needs, it’s important to work within the recommended lead times provided. If you call the day before fashion week or that big makers market, it’s unlikely a supplier will be able to create something high quality at such short notice. 

At GB Labels, we make everything bespoke to your needs. That means our lead times may vary. Our woven label lead time is usually 10-14 days to ensure the very best quality and perfect result, first time. Simple. 

You’ll also need to factor in time to get your labels attached to your product. So don’t forget to carve out some time to sew in woven labels. And if you aren’t handy with a sewing machine, why not try our iron on woven labels with an adhesive back. Find out more by browsing our woven label sample packs

Do some research

Before you spend all your dosh on a huge order, make sure you get to know your woven label supplier. Are they based in the UK or abroad? What’s their woven label minimum order quantity? Can they offer a logo design service or friendly advice?

When choosing your supplier, ask for a woven label sample pack so you can experience the different fabrics up close and check for quality. Additionally, remember to ask how they’ll ship your goods – there’s nothing worse than a delivery disaster. Still not sure? Check out their social media channels (we love Instagram!) and read their customer reviews for a real perspective. 
Know your brand

While we can offer guidance with branding and logo design for woven labels, it’s still important for you to have an idea on the styles, colours and fonts you prefer. Your brand is your pride and joy after all. 

Our team can also advise you on the size, fold and fabric that’s best for your label. So if you’re stuck between damask and taffeta woven labels or aren’t sure if satin woven labels are quite right, we can help. 

At GB Labels, we don’t believe you have to be a woven label expert to place an order with us, so don’t feel daunted. Simply have a read of our woven label product page for guidance, and when you’re ready to get in touch, we’ll be here with a ton of ideas.

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