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December 20, 2015

Introducing Jodie: She creates label designs!

By: Lynsey Bowen

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Jodie Kizis Label designerJodie Kizis is the latest member to join the GB Labels team. Jodie has joined the team to help us to create more and more label designs as business continues to steam ahead.

Jodie is the member of the team who’ll help you get your label designs just right so we’ve asked her a few questions about herself and her new role.


Here are her answers…

So, Jodie, when did you join GB Labels?

I joined GB Label officially on the 7th September.

What is your job at GB Labels and what does it involve?

I create the artwork for customers labels. Often, customers will come to me with ideas for label designs but no specific design artwork so I will work with them to create designs that will work on both their labels and their products.

As part of this process I will liaise with the customer to amend their label artwork if they are not completely satisfied with it once they’ve seen it mocked up or as a sample.

Another significant part of my role at GB Labels is to monitor the quality control of the labels. This means that if a label is not of the highest quality I make sure they are reorder and the faults to the labels are removed.

I also manage all of the sending out of shipments including; sample packs so you can better choose your labels, label proofs or your final set of labels.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Clothing label designsMy favourite part of the job is creating the label designs and creating the artwork for the customers. I like it when the customers let you come up with ideas for their label designs based around the product or company.

I also like seeing where in the world our products are going.

What have you learnt since you’ve been at GB Labels?

I’ve learnt how to use specific design software which has helped me create the highest quality images and designs for labels. I’ve also learnt there is a dedicated book you can buy documenting ever colours you’ll ever need!

Additionally, I’ve learnt how to talk to, and communicate with, customers which is helping me to understand customer briefs better, reducing the amount of versions of a label design we go through before we get it perfect. This reduces the amount of time customers have to wait for their labels and helps us to provide a better overall customer service.

What is your favourite fact about labels?

My favourite fact about labels is that there are so many different kinds and types of labels and each one is suited to a variety of different products, services and materials.

I’ve also had my eyes opened to just how many places you can find labels; even on drink beverages! I find that fascinating!

What is your favourite label to design?

I don’t have a favourite type of label! I love designing all label types because they all come with their own limitations and finding a design solution that can work within these limitations is a challenge I thrive on.

I love it when I get to be creative and come up with my own ideas for customer’s product. However, design is subject to taste and people have different preferences so when I create label designs customers don’t like, I enjoy using my new communication skills to get to the bottom of the elements they don’t like and reworking the designs until, together, myself and customer create the perfect label design.

Those are my favourite types of labels to design because they give me the greatest sense of satisfaction when the customer gets what they really want.

Which labelling product would you recommend and why?

I would recommend a damask label as they provide the customer with the highest quality label. They can also contain the most detail on a label making it the label I would recommend to all customers. (It is also good fun to design as you can get so much detail onto it!)

What do you think will be the next big labelling innovation for 2016?

3D labels and badgesI think that the next big innovation for the labelling industry will be 3D labels. I haven’t seen or heard of anyone making 3D labels and I think it will become a big target for label makers to grab as it is an original idea.


To contact Jodie to discuss your next label designs, call her on 01646 600664 or email her at jodie@gblabels.co.uk

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