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March 30, 2015

More than just a zipper

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

A quick guide to zipper pulls and how to make the most of them

Woven labels and care labels aren’t the only products you can use when finishing a garment, there are many other products that can be used to emphasise your design and brand and the most commonly over looked are zipper pulls. Zipper pulls can come in all shapes, sizes and materials all of which can turn your “bought off the shelf” garment into a professional “bespoke” branded product.

Zipper pulls come in many different materials but at GB Labels we specialise in two main types; Woven and Silicon (PVC). The most common of these materials is woven and we manufacture these ourselves, here in the UK. These are used for both small start up designers and companies producing larger numbers of bespoke garments because they add a high quality finish to garments such as hooded jackets and jumpers.

Woven Zipper Pulls

Woven zipper pulls can come in almost any size “as long as it can fit through the zip eyelet” as well as in any colour and design. They add quality to the look and feel of the zipper pull and padding can be added but this may depend upon your design and budget. Many sports and leisure garments such as Regatta use these types of zipper pulls because a recognisable logo can be woven and used to promote specific brands and associated qualities even though the costs to produce can be minimal.

Woven zipper pulls are made in the same high definition damask as our woven labels so there is no loss in quality and logo definition. Also, woven zipper pulls provide the two colour sides so the front of the zip pull can be a different logo colour to the back. We could even create a reverse in colour to add a new perspective to the product.

Silicon PVC Zipper Pulls

Another great product that can take your design or product to the next level are our silicon PVC zipper pulls. These can contain an image and add a real sense of quality to a product. They are created by making a metal mould which creates the three dimensional item. Once the mould has been made, silicon is poured into it in stages with the different colours being injected at different stages and left to set before a new layer is poured on it until the zipper pull is complete.

A lot of “higher” quality garments tend to use silicon zipper pulls such as waterproof jackets and high end performance garments. Some brands use it to define their brand, a great example of this is Superdry who use silicon zipper pulls on some of their jackets. They use around ten zipper pulls as well as several silicon labels on many of their garments and by doing so the “value” changes dramatically as the “effort” to produce a silicon PVC zipper pull is considered higher.

Source: Superdry

Obviously silicon zipper pulls may not suite your design or brand so there are many other alternatives such as metal and hard plastics and even natural and synthetic string. All of which can be used to add that extra bit of quality to your garments and can help you stand out from the competition, and in some cases, can be a stand out element to your brand, so next time you are finishing a garment don’t over look the little parts that can make a huge difference.

Hopefully in this guide we have given you a bit of inspiration to use as much of the garment to display your brand to get the most from it. For more tailored advice or help with your label design, contact us.

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