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May 18, 2016

Pride as GB Labels works with the brand new Derbyshire Tartan

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

As you may have noticed on our social media, we’ve had the fantastic experience of working with designers Lesley and Fiona Trotter to create labels for the new Derbyshire Tartan. Derbyshire having an official tartan is an honour in the textile industry and is fantastic news that the whole county can get excited about.

The Derbyshire Tartan cushion

The Derbyshire Tartan cushion – available from the end of 2016

GB Labels’ Luke worked with Lesley and Fiona on the label design and talks here about the creative process and how he feels about the end result.

Luke talks about what it was like working with passionate creatives Fiona and Lesley:

“It was great to work with them and learn about their journey to get to the point of developing the tartan. Their vast knowledge and enthusiasm on their product was refreshing, it was a joy to help them give the tartan an identity with a bespoke label.”

Initial thoughts and ideas

“Both Fiona and Lesley had a clear brand specification in mind and the main brief was to create a label that could be used across a large range of products and clearly define ‘Derbyshire Tartan’ as a brand but not distract or take anything away from the tartan itself.

“We decided to use colours that are neutral but do not appear in the tartan and by having the lighter base grey and the darker logo gave a clear definition to the wording.”

Luke Gregory

Luke Gregory

The labels are now starting to appear on the first prototype products, which is an exciting time for the team. Luke shares his thoughts on the end result:

“I’m really happy, we’ve helped develop a multi-functional label that adds to the products rather than overwhelm the potential customer. The tartan speaks for itself and our labels have helped define the brand and leave a lasting impression.”

Revival for the UK textiles industry

Luke says: “It’s great to see products of this type being manufactured in the UK. There aren’t many textile manufactures left but we are starting to see more being done here. I believe there has been a shift in culture, people no longer want to just find the cheapest product.

The Derbyshire Tartan cushion - available from the end of 2016

The Derbyshire Tartan cushion with its GB Labels label

“People want to know they can count on the quality of the product. They also want to see people with knowledge and enthusiasm producing the products – people like Fiona and Lesley.”

Derby pride

“I’m proud to have a tartan associated with the county. And as with most people in Derbyshire, as soon as something is attached to us we automatically become very excited and protective over it, this is a high quality product for the whole county to enjoy and take pride in.”

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