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September 3, 2014

The in’s and out’s of Printed Labels

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

Printed labels are a great alternative to woven labels. Printed labels are defined by the DPI (dots per inch), standard logos in the printing industry have a resolution of 300DPI and this can be reduced dependant on the quality of the image. Printed labels are produced on a label made of soft satin, meaning only a black or white base is available.

Some of the benefits for printed labels are as follows:

  • Print labels offer a high quality and professional finish, which often makes them the preferred choice for the garment;
  • Any logo or design produced on a computer screen can be printed on a label with a maximum of 6 colours and can be manufactured using high definition logos;
  • Wash care information can easily be produced on a printed label, creating a great label especially for garments that require the label to be sewn into the seam;
  • Printed labels can generally be manufactured and distributed quicker than woven labels, meaning this could be your preferred alternative if your deadlines are tight.

Printed Labels - GB Labels UK

Printed labels can have folds already designed into them or, alternatively, they can be produced on a roll or cut individually dependent on your requirements. Furthermore, these types of labels are used within a wide range of industries starting from high street fashion through to safety labels such as car seat belts.

Like to be organic?

Printed labels can also be produced using 100% cotton, which can make a real difference to the way your garment looks. Cotton labels work well with woollen and cotton garments. They are generally thicker due to the material used and can be manufactured using a soft white backing or a natural ecru, allowing logos in any colours and with designs being produced in high definition. These types of labels, however, take a longer time to produce but they will definitely provide your garment with the “homemade” feel and produce a high quality finish at the same time.

If you’re still unsure you can talk to us and make use of our expertise with printed labels, woven labels and cotton labels.

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