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March 18, 2019

Scandinavian style explained

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

When you’re seeking inspiration for next season’s designs, you may look to commonly revered fashion destinations such as London, Paris or New York. But if the latest trend is anything to go by, it’s time to search somewhere else: Scandinavia.


Why are we obsessed with all things ‘scandi’?

From binge watching The Killing to making our homes more ‘hygge’ (with a little help from IKEA) it seems we can’t get enough of of all things Scandinavian. So how did it happen?

Social media means that it’s become easier to feast our eyes on ideas from all over the world. Instagram in particular allows us more access to brands and designers – plus a peek into super-stylish wardrobes and homes we wouldn’t usually get to see. This means styles and trends from far flung places end up filling our high street and home.

The latest statistics reveal social media posts from Scandinavian cities such as Copenhagen and Stockholm are becoming increasingly popular. The hashtag #ScandinavianStyle can be attributed to 900,000 Instagram posts (and counting) resulting in over 29 million likes and comments. It’s clear this obsession is here to stay.  

What is Scandinavian style?

People often make the mistake of thinking ‘Scandinavian’ style is one type of look. But Sweden, Norway and Denmark are vastly different cities so it’s no surprise that Scandinavian style is actually more eclectic.


Scandi fashion has become synonymous with minimalism and timelessness. Think basic t shirts from H&M, classic denim pieces from Acne and luxurious-yet-simple leather goods from Anine Bing. But look a little closer at brands such as Ganni and Cos and you’ll find plenty of daring prints and bold, bright colour palettes.


What ties these different looks together is simplicity. Oversized, sleek silhouettes are commonplace while casual styling (for example, dresses paired with sneakers) keep things quirky yet comfortable.  


What is Scandinavian design?

This aesthetic isn’t just for the fashion pack, home ware designers would do well to take note too. Scandinavian design is hugely influential around the world, dominating our homes without us even realising it.


Famous for blending functionality with beauty, scandi designs are typically simplistic and minimal. Sleek storage solutions, subdued colour palettes and natural textures such as wood and linen are all hallmarks of scandi furniture. But as with the world of scandi fashion, jazzy prints and cosy fabrics also have their place.

Share your scandi-inspired designs with us

Whether you make cushions, clothing or cutlery we’d love to see how Scandinavian style has influenced your work. Tag us on Instagram or drop us a tweet and we’ll share your wonderful work with the world.

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