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September 24, 2018

Spotlight on British brands: The All-in-One Company®

By: Luke

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One of the things we love most about working with independent British brands is being part of each unique journey. Our Spotlight on British brands series delves into the stories behind lots of amazing businesses, learning more about their history, advice, sustainability efforts and goals for the future. This week we’re revisiting bespoke onesie brand The All-in-One Company® to find out about more exciting changes in the pipeline

Awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry is finally increasing. How do The All-in-One Company® try to reduce waste produced?

Each onesie is made to order, so our waste is minimal. We don’t ever stockpile our products – we hand-make each individual onesie.  These are made as per the designs of our customers, which is all done through our website. Customisation makes the product personal and unique so that no one else will have one like theirs.

The few off-cuts that are produced once the fabric has been cut are donated to schools, colleges, nurseries or charities for crafts and fundraising activities. We also sell bags of off-cuts to crafters which are very popular, so hardly anything at all goes to waste which is wonderful.


Creating a garment for a customer is a privilege. We are incredibly proud to have our own facilities to manufacture in the UK. This saves time and enables us to offer a fast track service to customers needing their bespoke onesie quickly. Making to order reduces waste and makes the garment very special – a keepsake, not throwaway fashion. Having a collection of clothing that is unique, meaningful and authentic gives longevity and an attachment to the brands that created them.

You’re soon to have an exciting new feature on your website – a 3D builder. Could you tell us a bit more about that, and why you think having an interactive tool is so crucial for your customers?

Our customers love creating their own onesies and having them handmade to order, whether it’s for themselves, their families or friends. The 3D builder will enhance the user experience on our website, enabling customers to see exactly what the onesie will look like once created from a choice of premium fabrics, colours, textures and designs. The fun and possibilities that this new tool will offer are limitless.

The personalisation will also be bespoke, as each customer will be able to select the positioning, font size and colour of their wording on their onesie design. Once one design is finalised, it will be a simple process to order the same design in other sizes, making matching and team onesies easy to order. When something is easy, it’s so much more enjoyable.


Are there any other exciting new developments for The All-in-One Company®?

Our new website will launch later this year, which will host the new 3D onesie builder to celebrate ten years of business. We are very excited about this and the new features that it will offer, and we can’t wait to announce it’s arrival!

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