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Startup Bundle

Introducing the Startup Bundle

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    In the exciting yet demanding world of fashion startups, you must maximise efficiency and minimise cost to stand out from the crowd. This is where our unique Startup Bundle comes in. A well-rounded, all-in-one package of custom labels, this bundle will be everything you need to get your new fashion brand up and running. But what exactly is included in this starter bundle?

    Woven Labels

    Our package includes 250 woven labels with up to 3 colours including the base. The labels
    come in two forms:

    • Loop fold labels that are 32mm x 32mm when folded and sew into the product (with an additional 5mm for sewing allowance).
    • End fold labels measuring 15mm x 35mm when folded.

    Swing Tickets

    We also provide 250 digitally printed swing tickets. The colours? Unlimited. Please note that colours may slightly vary from original artwork or image. These swing tickets have a standard size of 50mm width x 100mm height and feature punched eyelets for ribbon or attachment.

    Wash Care Labels

    This one is crucial for every garment. Our bundle comes with 250 wash care labels on a ribbon, ready to be cut and folded when needed. The labels are 25mm x 30mm when folded.

    Size Tabs

    We’ve got you covered with size tabs measuring 10mm x 16mm when folded. You will receive 5 bags of these tabs, each bag containing 100pcs of the same generic size.


    Artwork Setup

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    Why Choose the Startup Bundle?

    Our startup bundle offers significant advantages for new brands, from cost efficiency to time-saving. Our bundle’s set template keeps costs down, offering new startups an affordable solution in the early stages of brand development. As time is always a factor, we’ve made sure that our bundle, being a set size, can be produced faster than fully bespoke options.

    Startup Bundle summary

    • 250 Woven Labels
    • 250 Swing Tickets
    • 250 Wash Care Labels
    • 5 Bags of Size Tabs
    Pen drawing

    Artwork Advice & Setup

    How Does It Work?

    Our startup bundle offers an efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective solution for newly established fashion brands. By providing everything needed for labelling a garment ready for sale, we take a significant burden off your shoulders. You bring us your unique design, and we take care of the rest!

    All we need from you is your logo or artwork. Once we receive it, we start working on your labels.

    We will send you a layout of your bundle with your very own design for approval. This ensures everything is just the way you like it.

    Once approved, we get everything over to production. When completed, we send them out the next working day, all together.

    Google Logo & 5 Stars

    Rated 5 star from our wonderful customers!

    Sample Labels
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    What's in my sample pack?

    • Woven Label Samples
    • Printed Cotton Samples
    • Printed Ecru Cotton Samples
    • Printed Grossgrain Samples
    • Iron On Labels
    • Woven Badges
    • Damask Self-adhesive Labels
    • Printed Satin Ribbon
    • Woven Ribbon
    • Swing Ticket

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