The secret world of the side hustle

Posted on January 14, 2019

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Due to technological and cultural advances, the world of work has totally transformed forever – and the traditional ‘9-5’ job is dead. Forget what you heard about ‘jobs for life’ or steady career paths and start living your dreams – here’s how.

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Working that works for you

Nobody is benefiting from this cultural shift than designers and makers. Flexible working, remote jobs and part time positions mean that it’s now easier than ever to unleash your creativity during down time.

In fact, many of our customers build their brands alongside full time jobs and personal commitments. This is now commonly referred to as a ‘side hustle’.


Way back in 2016, we wrote about the vast number of people setting up ‘shop’ from their kitchen tables, spare bedrooms and sheds (and revealed how you could do it too). Since then, figures have continued to rise and the creative boom has officially begun.

Just look at the rise in popularity of books such as The Multi-hyphen Method which teaches people how to tap into their skill sets to ‘design’ careers and lives that work for them. It’s official, 2019 is the year of the side hustle.

Getting started with your side hustle

Taking on a creative side project is an awesome way to make a little extra pocket money while exploring your true passion in life. And while it requires passion and commitment, it saves you from making any big decisions such as investing lots of cash or leaving your day job. It’s a win win.


The best thing about a side hustle is that all you need to get started… is you. Spread a fresh sheet of paper out on your dining room table and get sketching. Escape to your local coffee shop for some inspiration. Ask your friends and family what products they think are missing from shop shelves. You’ll soon be buzzing with unique ideas.

Turning your ideas into reality

Once you’ve honed your concept it’s time to get your thinking cap on. You’ll need to source trusty fabric suppliers, work out your turnaround time and find places to sell your designs. This is where social media comes in.


There’s no friendlier online community than the #MakersMovement. If you’ve got a question about craft fairs, shipping costs or hashtags, you’re sure to find a helpful designer on Instagram. Putting yourself ‘out there’ can feel daunting, but your fellow side-hustlers will soon make you feel right at home.

Expert advice whenever you need it

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get your side hustle off the ground with guidance from a team with over 50 years of industry experience? Funnily enough that sounds like a friendly bunch of folk we know…

There’s nothing our team love more than working with startups, side hustlers and creative entrepreneurs. And this year we want to help you do the hustle in style.

If you need tips on woven labels, swing tickets, ribbon or cotton labels, we’re here to help. All you need to do is email and we’ll take care of the rest.




    • Don't forget - You can get 15% off all new orders placed in February! Quote FEB15 when you request your #label quote 2nd Feb 2015
    • Don't forget - You can get 15% off all new orders placed in February! Quote FEB15 when you request your #label quote 2nd Feb 2015
    • Don't forget - You can get 15% off all new orders placed in February! Quote FEB15 when you request your #label quote 2nd Feb 2015


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