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April 1, 2019

What does the ‘mindful shopping’ trend mean for your brand?

By: Luke

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Over the past few years your customers have been constantly bombarded with marketing material. From ‘buy one get one free’ deals at the local supermarkets to #Ads hidden in their favourite Instagrammers content, for a while it seemed there was no escape.  

Exhausted with the almost constant consumerism that features in everyday life, your customers looked elsewhere for contentment. And the ‘mindfulness movement’ was born. Since then, your customers have been told to prioritise small businesses over big name brands, switch to a capsule wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. But does this mean your profits will take a dip this year? Far from it – here’s why.


A changing mindset

Fast fashion has been giving the industry a bad name for a long time. A quick glance at any statistics, studies (or Netflix documentaries) is likely to have put your customers off a Primark shopping haul for life.

If you can show your customers exactly where, how and why you make your products, they’re more likely to spend more with you each season and stay a loyal customer for longer. Even if they’re working with a super-strict mindful shopping checklist.


Making changes to your brand

Supporting your customers with their mindful shopping experience should be top of your list if your want to retain them as a raving fan. But any changes you need to make aren’t as scary as you think.

Try switching to a local or fair trade supplier. Design smaller capsule collections throughout the year featuring items that all complement each other. Create video tutorials that inspire your customers to style your products and get more wear out of them. And don’t forget to host an oh-so ethical clothes swap event featuring any of your sale garments or seconds that need a new home.


Support to bring your vision to life

With so many brands taking steps towards being more sustainable, it’s an exciting time for designers and makers everywhere. And at GB Labels, we love to hear how you’re making the effort to be a little kinder to the planet.

In fact, our eco-friendly cotton labels have become one of our best-selling products. And because all our products are made right here in the UK, it’s now even easier for you to be completely transparent with your customers. Win.
To find out how we can help you join the mindful movement, email us today at info@gblabels.co.uk

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