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October 23, 2019

Why your brand needs to use the Pantone Matching System

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

Nothing defines your products like a signature colour palette. Whether you have a minimalist aesthetic or keep things bold and bright, no business is complete without a selection of sumptuous shades that represents their unique brand personality. 

But what happens when you need to translate that colour palette across different mediums? You may need to invest in flyers, merchandise or some high quality woven labels. And then there’s making your colour palette work on your website, newsletter and social media profiles. 

To keep your brand looking elevated and professional across different platforms, you need to get to grips with the Pantone Colour Matching system. Because with branding, consistency is key. 

What is the Pantone Matching System?

Pantone is the world’s authority on colour. Not only are they leaders in colour trend analysis (selecting a Pantone ‘colour of the year’ annually) they also label colours by number. This is called the Pantone Matching System. 

This revolutionary colour matching system has effectively ‘standardised’ colour. It’s used in industries such as fashion, art, manufacturing and interior design. The system is used to help identify and match colours using each colour’s unique number. 

It’s an important part of the design industry because manufacturers use the system to match colours without having to contact one another. This ensures the end result is consistent and of exceptional quality. 

If you have the Pantone numbers of your brand colours you can give them to manufacturers, designers or suppliers to ensure they create products that match exactly with your brand. Handy stuff. 

Using Pantone colours in your branding

When you use the Pantone Matching System, it isn’t just about keeping your existing branding consistent. Pantone colours are also awesome for inspiring a branding refresh. 

So if you’re ready to update your brand colour palette or fancy completely revamping your style, you may want to have a gander at Pantone’s trend forecasting and color consultancy. Also known as the Fashion Colour Trend Report.

These reports are published seasonally by the Pantone Colour Institute and reflect the latest trends within the fashion industry. Ideal for sparking design ideas. 

GB Labels Pantone Matching Service

Feeling motivated to look at your brand colours in a whole new light? Talk to us. 

We can help match your Pantone Colours to our full product range. Everything from woven labels to printed ribbon and swing tags. Ideal for keeping your brand beautifully consistent. 

To start your brand journey in technicolour glory, email info@gblabels.co.uk for a chat about how we use the Pantone Matching Service. 

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