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April 27, 2015

Woven labels or Woven badges? That is the question…

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

Stand out even more with a Woven Badge!

Badges are one of the great products that can sometimes not be used to their full potential, especially when they can be a great way to provide potential customers with a clear indication of your brand and products. Woven labels and badges are, in technical terms, almost exactly the same in how they are constructed but add very different affects to your products. The main difference with a woven badge over a label is simply its finish.


Unlike a label, a badge can be die cut which can add unlimited possibilities to how your badge can look. Big name brands are now starting to use badges on there garments rather than embroidering or printing onto the fabric. This is because a woven badge is generally considered to be a higher quality of garment finishing. Companies like Pretty Green, Superdry and Lacoste all use woven badges throughout there ranges on not only there clothes but on shoes and leather products such as luggage, wallets and purses. Each product may have its own unique style and quality but a woven badge can reflect all of these this.


As a die cut label the Lacoste “Crocodile” is by far the most technically challenging due to its size and shape but by adding a high quality badge to a relatively plain product such as a polo shirt, it can dramatically change the look, affect and the perceived quality of the garment. A great application for the woven badge is the type of backing that can be applied. Similar to flat woven labels, an iron-on or self-adhesive backing can be applied. But what separates a badge from a label is that we fit, as standard, a non-woven backing to them which ensures that all the threads are kept secure at the back of the badge. By doing so no threads come loose as well as adding a rigidity to the badge. This may be the perfect application for products such as hats or caps or even shoes as the label then becomes easier to affix to the product.

Self adhesive and iron on backings are fantastic for use on such products as leather where stitching into the material may be difficult. Not only will the adhesive hold the badge in place without the need for stitching (perfect if you don’t have access to a seamstress) but it can also help with fixing the badge in place before it is sewn into the product.

Pretty Green

Another finish that can be applied to a woven badge is an overlocked border or edge, as the name suggests it is a technique that is is applied to the edge of the label that involves multiple threads that are sewn over each other to create a raised edge which looks as though the badge has been appliqué stitched into the garment. Again, this can add an another look of quality to the garment.

Pretty Green use overlocked badges on their garments and add a unique selling point to each badge on a particular top or jacket by colour coordinating the badge to the product. I.e if there is a camouflage print on the shirt the badge will still be the Pretty Green logo but it would be in different shades of khaki or if the top were blue and orange the badge would be the same colour. This colour matching makes the pretty green logo not only become part of the garment but also make it stand out from its competitors.

Just by using badges in a different way to other people you can add the quality of a woven label to the outside of the garment rather than in the neck or the seam of the garment. It can add a more unique look to a product or garment rather than the traditional printed or embroidered logo. By using the right garment finishing for your brand value and prestige, you can add value to your products instantly without a great amount of effort and by adding little but unique twists to your badges such as colour co-ordination the use of a lurex thread in the design or even die cut or overlocked edges, the possibilities are endless with what effect you can add to your designs.

Hopefully in this guide we have given you a bit of inspiration to use as much of the garment to display your brand to get the most from it. For more tailored advice or help with your label design, contact us.

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