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June 15, 2016

If you like Piña Coladas…

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

When selecting products for our new summer range, it seems we can’t escape the clutches of a certain zesty fruit…

We were instantly drawn to sequined patches, including this quirky pineapple.

Our new summer range can be ordered from gblabels.co.uk

Our new summer range can be ordered from gblabels.co.uk

Since revealing a sneak peek of our summer range on Instagram, pineapples are now everywhere we look – making them the most fashionable fruit around. But it isn’t just pineapples that have invaded the catwalk. Over the decades, tropical colours and prints have popped up in street style snaps to big brand ad campaigns and cultural icons.

Fruit in fashion

The first truly tropical trendsetter was singer and actress Carmen Miranda. ‘The Brazilian bombshell’ was known for wearing opulent headdresses and hats throughout the 50s. It’s safe to say, we’re totally bananas for this vintage poster.

Image from Pinterest.com

Thanks to Pinterest, we also tracked down this gorgeous editorial from Vogue Italia from way back in 1969. Our favourite fruit has made another trendsetting appearance!

Image from Pinterest.com

How can we talk about fruity prints without discussing the 80s? Hawaiian shirts, bright colours and did someone say Club Tropicana? Here we present the most 80s photos ever.

Image from Pinterest.com

Image from Pinterest.com

Image from Pinterest.com

Fast forward to 2011 when Stella Mccartney’s collection combined fruit and florals to create an iconic, zesty print:

Image from Pinterest.com

This year, Dolce and Gabbana gave lemons, limes and oranges a unique twist for their ‘Italian Summer’ range:

Image from Dolcegabbana.com

It seems fruit appliqué is a trend that’s here to stay. On Pinterest, we’ve been collecting images of juicy fruits from all over the world. To inspire you to create some delicious designs, here’s a selection of our favourite pineapple products:

Image from Stubbsandwootton.com

Image from Vogue.com

Image from Pinterest.com

Image from Zara.com

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