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November 6, 2017

Fashion and Tech: Twentyfour15

By: Luke

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Coats that heat up, leggings that improve your yoga skills and 3D printed shoes – this is the world of fashion technology.

In our latest series, we’re exploring how wearable tech is fusing with fashion to give us garments and accessories that are simultaneously stylish and functional.

Ever tracked your step count, monitored your heart rate in the gym or answered a call on your watch? Wearable technology has seamlessly become part of our daily life – and it’s evolving into far more than just bulky watches or trackers.

An app-controlled t-shirt?

After creating LED costumes for the Black Eyed Peas and a flying dress for Lady Gaga, tech company XO is no stranger to the world of wearables. Its sub-brand Twentyfour15 is shaking up the world of streetwear by connecting an app to its clothing.

The collection combines colour and light with music and fashion. Through the app, the wearer can alter the garment’s colour – and even animate the LED lights to music.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.36.06
Clothes that connect

Twentyfour15 has designed more than just pretty, colourful, animated clothing. The unique interactive experience is a sign of the potential of app-connected clothing, building a sense of community among wearers. When wearers are gathered at events, such as music concerts or conventions, the garments will sync with one another to offer secret codes to wearers. The clothes get even more up close and personal, letting the performing artist project their own heartbeat onto the clothing.

With something so personal being shared, wearable tech shows it can go beyond perfunctory flashing lights and the changing of colours. Joining people in collective and immersive experiences helps them feel profoundly connected to each other in a truly memorable moment in time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.36.34
The future of fashion

What’s next in the evolving world of fashion technology? Keep your eyes peeled (and have your 3D printers at the ready) for the next part of our Fashion and Tech series.

Are you a designer with a trick or two up your sleeve? Get in touch – we’d love to feature you on our blog.

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