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May 13, 2019

In conversation with Silly Girl Club

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

It’s always awesome to hear lovely feedback from our customers. But what makes it even more special is when it comes from a super-cool indie business.

We recently produced labels for Silly Girl Club – a retro inspired brand that creates garments from repurposed cartoon-print fabric. And after founder Nikki gave us the kindest social media shout out, we couldn’t resist picking her brains for our blog.



What sparked the initial inspiration for Silly Girl Club?

“I’m pretty thrifty –people cringe at that word but it should be celebrated! I’m always at carboot sales hunting out 90’s treasure and have built up quite the collection of kids duvets due to my love of vibrant colours and cartoons.

I started collecting way back in 2004 (I was 14). There weren’t many fun choices on the high street and the internet barely existed, so I used my passion for fashion to recycle these duvets into clothing that reflected me!

Fast forward 10 years later and people were trying to buy them off my back. I was once in a bar wearing a Bart Simpson skirt and someone offered me £50 and their skirt to go change in the bathroom for it! I realised then that I needed to sell them.”

Why do you think retro cartoon prints are so popular?

“Retro cartoons are a throwback to simpler times where anything can happen, an escape from reality I guess. People stop me in the street wearing the cartoon prints saying ‘Oh my gosh, I remember that show!’ they spark really fun conversations with those with similar interests. I’ve actually made some great friends through my fashion choices.”


So far, what’s been the most rewarding aspect of having your own brand?

“I can’t decide between the free time, the continuous learning, customer feedback or the fact I occasionally work in pyjamas!

If I had to pick one I’d have to say my customers – especially seeing people get excited about a design that came from my head. It’s rewarding like nothing I’ve ever known before and even more so when I see customer photos.

Someone messaged last week saying ‘I wore my dress today and received so compliments, I felt invincible’. Nothing beats hearing things like that”


What inspires you?

“Mainly the fact that I love being able to make people happy through clothes. I also watch cartoons most days but you’d be opening a can of worms by asking me to choose a favourite. If I had to, I’d go for The Three Friends and Jerry and Transylvanian Pet Shop

Tell us about your favourite products from the range:

“Let me tell you, I am in love with making bumbags. I would happily do it all day every day forever. I’m on a mission to bring the fanny pack back! I’m also hoping to restock my matching two piece sets which I’m beyond excited about. I’m a sucker for a co-ord and love seeing customers wearing them.”

How does the design process work from start to finish?

“I’ll spend time drawing out a pattern from an initial idea. I make this in my size so that I can check the fit. When I’ve got it right, I grade the pattern to fit everyone! I then design, pattern cut and sew everything myself in my studio. I love this part as it’s very rewarding.”


Why is social media important for your brand?

“It creates a sense of community, which is uplifting for everyone involved. We all have similar interests so some great friendships are made through social media.

It’s also been a valuable tool to talk to other small business owners, sharing tips and advice alongside supporting each other. If anyone is reading this and needs some social media or small biz tips, drop me a message!

Social media makes everyone so accessible and on a level which helps us all grow in areas we want to.”

How much do you love your new woven labels? We had to squeeze that question in there!

“They are perfect and your designer Luke was so reassuring and friendly throughout. I’m pleased I was able to snap them up as we’re heading out to lots of fairs over the summer – follow us on Instagram to see where we end up!”


We’re so excited to see what Nikki gets up to this year. Follow Silly Girl Club’s adventures on Instagram and browse the latest range on their website

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