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Swing Tickets

British Made Swing Tickets for the Biggest Brands

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18-21 working days.

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    Elevate Your Brand Identity With High Quality Printed Swing Tickets

    In today’s competitive market, creating a strong brand identity is crucial to stand out and build customer loyalty. One powerful tool in achieving this is through the use of swing tickets. These tags convey essential information to customers at the point of sale while reinforcing your brand’s image.

    Our Process


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    Initial quote request comes through, it is processed and tested to see if it fits our requirements. Once this has been established, we will request artwork and product specifications if it hasn't already been provided.



    Once this information has been provided, we can then provide you with an exact quote and details on how to proceed. We then take a small deposit to produce a sample, which will be emailed to you prior to production to ensure that you're happy with the results.



    Following approval, your labels go into production. Once made, labels are inspected and go through rigorous quality control. They are then sent to you via next day courier to ensure you get your labels in a timely manner!


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    What are Swing Tickets?

    Swing tickets, also known as hang tags, are labels attached to products, typically found in retail outlets. They serve a dual purpose: providing customers with vital information about the product while showcasing your brand’s identity.

    How Swing Tickets Enhance Brand Identification

    • Visually appealing: An eye-catching design with your brand’s logo, colours, and style can make a lasting impression on customers.
    • Conveys information: Including key product details, such as price, size, and material, helps customers make informed decisions.
    • Builds trust: Well-designed and informative swing tickets can instil confidence in customers about the product’s quality and authenticity.

    Your Shape & Size

    Your Pantone Colours

    Extras To Stand Out

    Customisation Options

    GB Labels offers a vast array of customisation options to create the perfect swing tickets for your products:

    • Materials: Choose from recycled board stock, variable card weight, and more.
    • Finishes: Opt for matt or gloss finishes, die-cutting to any shape, and full 6 colour process printing on both sides. We also offer special printing types like foil blocking and
      UV printing to give your swing tickets the premium touch.
    • Card weight: Standard 300gsm card, as used for quality business cards, ensures durability and a premium feel. We offer any weight card from 100gsm to 800gsm, please contact us for more customisation options!
    • Additional features: Stringing, eyeletting, and folding options are available to match your brand’s requirements.
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    Artwork Advice & Setup

    Expert Guidance for the Perfect Swing Tickets

    Not sure about the layout, format, colours, or dimensions? GB Labels’ team of experts is ready to assist you in designing and producing the ideal swing tickets for your brand. With years of experience, we can help you make the right choices to maximise the impact of your swing tickets.

    Swing tickets, also known as hang tags, are labels attached to products in retail outlets. They provide customers with essential product information and showcase your brand's identity.

    Swing tickets are vital for brand identification because they create a visual connection between the product and your brand, convey essential product information, and build trust with customers.

    GB Labels offers numerous customisation options, such as material choices, finishes, card weight, and additional features like stringing, eyeletting, and folding.

    Yes, our experienced team is available to assist you in creating the perfect swing tickets, advising on layout, format, colours, and dimensions to meet your brand's requirements.

    Swing tickets are versatile and can be used for a wide range of products in various industries, including fashion, accessories, home goods, electronics, and more. Their adaptability makes them an ideal branding tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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    Card Finish

    Punched Hole


    Standard Foil Printing

    Printing Method


    Swing tickets can be produced with different shapes. Even a custom shape if needed!

    Card Finish


    Swing tickets can be produced with a plain "drilled" hole or a range of metal and plastic eyelets can be attached to the ticket for a stronger more professional finish.

    Printing Method

    This is a special finish that is used to apply shiny foil details to the card stock. Often used for logos to give an impressive finish.

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    What's Included?

    Just launched a new product?
    Or starting up a new fashion brand?

    Introducing the Start-up Bundle from GB Labels

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    A well-rounded, all-in-one package of custom labels, this bundle will be everything you need to get your new fashion brand up and running.

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    Rated 5 star from our wonderful customers!

    Sample Labels
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    What's in my sample pack?

    • Woven Label Samples
    • Printed Cotton Samples
    • Printed Ecru Cotton Samples
    • Printed Grossgrain Samples
    • Iron On Labels
    • Woven Badges
    • Damask Self-adhesive Labels
    • Printed Satin Ribbon
    • Woven Ribbon
    • Swing Ticket

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