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November 20, 2017

Spotlight on British brands: Renné Jewellery

By: Luke

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From handmade childrenswear to woven textiles, we love supporting new independent crafters. In the latest edition of our Spotlight on British brands series, we chat with Renné Jewellery – the mother-daughter duo handcrafting eclectic timeless jewellery. Founders Helen and Annie spill the beans on their creative process – and what it’s really like to work alongside your family.

What was the inspiration behind the name of Renné Jewellery?

Despite it taking weeks to come up with our brand name Renné, it really should have been an easy decision. It’s inspired by many summers spent in France where we gather inspiration, and our surname Rennison.

Our logo was designed to depict who we are. The two Rs facing one another are the mother and daughter duo, and the infinity symbol below symbolises our closeness. We wanted to create a brand name that was individual to us while being short and simple.

Is being so close-knit a benefit or does it bring its own series of challenges to overcome?

We see being a mother and daughter duo as very positive. We have an extremely good working relationship and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Being on the same wavelength as your partner is invaluable – 99% of the time we’re two best friends working together.

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Tell us about the process of handcrafting your beautiful jewellery, from the initial idea to the finished piece.

Our entire collection is made on our family farm in North Yorkshire. We gather inspiration from everywhere, soaking in new ideas to help with our next pieces. We don’t follow seasonal trends – we want to design jewellery that is classic and timeless.

We don’t necessarily put pen to paper when designing, as we like to experiment with materials to see what will work best. We still marvel at the final step, polishing, as it’s amazing to see a dull piece of silver turn into a dazzling beauty.

You have a blog series called Renné & ME, encouraging customers to share stories about their relationship with your jewellery. What’s the best thing about this platform?

Renné & ME lets our customers see how incredibly versatile our jewellery is and the endless combinations of different pieces. We love this category on our blog as it gives us valuable customer feedback and the chance to feature wonderful women. Renné & ME was established to inspire both new and existing customers.

Have you seen any customer stories develop over time?

As the two of us are the only Renné employees we are lucky enough to know our local customers on a personal level. It is fascinating for us to see how our customers fall in love with Renné. One of our main goals was for our jewellery to be for all ages – it’s lovely to see many generations of families who all have pieces from our collections.

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What’s next for Renné Jewellery?

We are growing steadily and constantly, learning every day of our journey. Our next big goals include launching our jewellery clutches and purses – storage for jewellery that is both functional and beautiful. We’re excited to see what’s in store for Renné.

Have you been inspired by our Spotlight on British brands series? If you’re a crafter or maker with a unique product to share, pop us a message on Instagram and ask about being featured in our series.

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