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October 16, 2017

Spotlight on British brands: The All-In-One Company

By: Luke

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So far in our Spotlight on British brands series, we’ve delved into the world of handmade childrenswear, woven accessories and textiles manufacturing. Despite the difference in their unique creations, they all have one thing in common: a passion for supporting local independent businesses.

Today we introduce The All-In-One Company, which creates customisable onesies for children and adults. We caught up with director Kate to find out more about what drove her to start her own business and the wonderful projects she has in the pipeline.

Tell us the story of All-In-One – how did it start?
When my daughter was 2 years old she would wake in the night because she had kicked off her covers. At the time, there were no sleepsuits on the market for children aged over 18 months. I needed a warm fleecy suit for her so that she’d sleep through the night.

Thinking that I couldn’t be the only person in this situation, I did some market research and began setting up The All-in-One Company. It was an instant success and we struggled keeping up with demand. We quickly set up our own factory and now have a wonderful workforce who take pride in making premium products.

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What does a typical day look like in your company?

We start each day with a production meeting where we discuss orders. We have lots of special requests and unique designs, which always makes the day fun. Seeing the onesies being made is such a privilege, as each one is handmade to order.

The team are the masters of mass customisation – and are lovely to work with too. We all have tea breaks and lunch together, and celebrate any birthdays or special occasions in the tearoom.

We love that people can create their own unique All-In-One onesie (and that you offer amazing experience days). Where did you get the inspiration for these ideas?

The concept of The All-in-One Company was to give our customers the freedom to design their own onesie.

When the company launched in 2008, we were inundated with orders and requests. The feedback was so positive and educational. We were being asked for all different sorts of ears and add-ons, so we added them to our website as choices.

You can pick attached or detachable feet, a rabbit tail and leopard ears, with a touch of pink here and there if you like. It’s all completely personal to what you or your child likes.

Throughout the summer of 2016,  we opened the doors to our All-in-One Experience Days. People can come along and design their unique onesies – and actually see them being made in our sewing room. Being able to feel the fabrics and pair the colours for themselves opened up a whole new world of creativity for our customers.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 13.05.04

You recently collaborated with the National Autistic Society to create the Sensory Onesie. Can you tell us a bit about this experience?

The National Autistic Society run ‘Onesie Wednesday’ and this year we approached them to see how we could help. The Society told us that raised seams in clothing were a big issue for those with autism – so we used this as our starting point.

After working with families affected by autism, we created the Sensory Onesie. This could be designed completely uniquely, without seams or labels.
It has been an absolute pleasure to see the happiness that these onesies have brought to people around the world and 5% of each Sensory Onesie purchase is donated to the National Autism Society.

Do you think supporting UK manufacture is important?

Yes, I do. We’re a great nation of makers and we take pride in our work and our products. We have skills and knowledge that have been passed down through families and generations that aren’t necessarily taught in establishments.

To see the team at work together creating unique garments every day is so rewarding. We can never lose these skills, so it’s vital to keep passing them on to next generation.

And finally, what is your next big goal for The All-In-One Company?

Our fabric range has extended from fleece to sweatshirt and now bamboo towelling, offering a whole new level of warmth and comfort. We can also make these in the sensory style too.

We’re also just launching our new Team Onesies. Teams from around the globe can create an annual Team Onesie design and have them made to measure if required.
We can’t wait to see more photos of sports teams and school groups from around the world celebrating their uniqueness in our onesies.

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We love hearing about innovative creations from unique British brands. If you’ve got a brand or product you’d love to share with us, pop us a message on Instagram.

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