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July 27, 2016

Where to get inspiration for your next design ideas

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

A new season is just around the corner and if you’re lucky you’ll be brimming with fresh, new design ideas for your next collection. If not, you may be staring at an empty sketchbook or a pile of fabric feeling a little lost. Creative block can hit at any time – usually before a looming deadline.

We want to take the pressure off and make sure that by the time you’re ready to talk branding with us, your new collection is complete and feels like your best work ever. Believe it or not, beating creative block isn’t as daunting as it sounds:

Clear the clutter
Whilst a completely chaotic work space may seem artistic, all that clutter is holding you back. Clear your desk and organise your materials, then when your ‘light-bulb moment’ strikes, you’ll have plenty of space to get started.

Start afresh
Who doesn’t love the smell of a brand new sketchbook in the morning. Budget allowing, treat yourself to a new notepad or set of pencils and let your mind wander. You might absentmindedly start sketching your finest work, mid-daydream.

Become a culture vulture 
It’s easy to turn to Netflix during times of creative drought, and while Game of Thrones might inspire the odd garment, it’s unlikely that you’ll finish your collection on time if you’re preoccupied with thoughts of dragons and swords.
Switch to inspirational documentaries or head to some local art shows to nurture your creative side. There’s plenty of free content online to get your teeth into too – most brands upload clips to Instagram and add their catwalk shows to YouTube live.

Turn your friends into a focus group
Kill procrastination with pro-activity and get inspiration from your nearest and dearest. Get the kettle on and invite them round for a natter and find out what fabrics and colours they’d like to see in stores. Who knows, they may even commission you to make them a bespoke piece for their next event.

Reach out on social media
We’ve spoken before about our love for Instagram and Twitter, they really are fantastic places to meet other creatives. By getting involved with groups, events or themed hours you’ll get inspired by potential customers and fellow designers. A little healthy competition may just be the push you need to create your collection. You could even collaborate with other brands.

If our tops tips have inspired you to move forward with your designs, let us know via Twitter. It would be great to see some snaps of your work.

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