Promotional Ribbon.

Our Highest Quality Ribbon Labels.

Our high quality promotional ribbon can be used to:

  • Promote your business and brand identity
  • Brand corporate gifts so that your company is remembered
  • Package corporate gifts and gift bags with a custom touch
  • Package products in a luxurious way
  • Promote your business at a launch or event
  • Add a quality branded neck trim or lining to garments

Promotional ribbon can be either woven or printed.

Woven ribbon can be made to any width required. Common ribbon widths are between 12mm to 60mm wide.

up to 6 colours can be produced alongside promotional text and branding information. Woven ribbon colours can be matched to Pantone colours, allowing corporate logos to be authentically recreated using our range of over 600 pre-dyed colour yarns.

Printed ribbon comes in set widths between 15mm and 60mm and can be printed in full colour, subject to current stock and availability.

Grosgrain fabric, which has a ribbed appearance, is currently a popular option for printed ribbon.

If you need advice on the layout, format, colours, and dimensions needed to get your promotional ribbon exactly right, talk to us and make use of our expertise with promotional ribbon.