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November 19, 2018

Why your branding needs good design

By: Luke

Dashes Graphic

As the beginning of a new season approaches, designers everywhere are considering making changes to their aesthetic in the hopes of growing their brand. They might want to experiment with a new fabric or completely start over with a bold colour palette. But before they do, they need to. Stop. Right. There.


According to the world’s leading design consultants, there’s one aspect of your business that’s more important than any design decision – branding. In fact, experts believe that branding is more important than a new collection. In this post, we reveal why.

The importance of effective branding

Good branding helps people remember who you are and why they like you. So instead of starting the new season getting reacquainted with your sketchbook, you need to check your logo, website and visual branding is up to scratch.

Research shows that a person who hears a piece of information will remember 10% of it three days later, while someone who sees that same information in a picture will recall 65% of it. Essentially, there’s never been a better time to focus on the visual side of your brand.

Visuals are vital in helping your brand to feel professional, authentic and uniquely you. By making some small tweaks (or opting for a full redesign) you’ll feel more confident in your brand – and your customers will feel more confident in you. Win.

Grab the public’s attention

There’s a famous concept in design that claims a good brand should be able to cover up its logo and its customers would still be able to identify them. But to get to that position, we believe you need to start out with a well-designed logo and consistent colour palette.

That’s all well and good. But when you’re a small business owner or designer we know that because you’re so focused on making sales and keeping customers happy, branding can fall down your to do list. Luckily, there’s no need to suffer in silence.

Our team are the experts when it comes to making branding that feels like you. You can even come to us without a logo – just tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest. And if you don’t know what you want, that’s no trouble either. We’ll ask you a few questions, get to know you and work with you to create something spectacular. Simple.

Celebrate your brand

Branding in fashion isn’t just about making sure your stuff gets spotted on the shelves, it’s about your journey as a creative. A branding relaunch is a great excuse to celebrate a milestone while getting extra eyes on your products (and more cash in the till).

We’ve helped parties go off with a bang for everyone from graduate designers and crafty makers to established names. Whether you need party favours wrapped in luxury woven ribbon or limited edition t shirts adorned with an embroidered badge, we can help party-goers leave a shindig with your brand in mind.

Turn followers into loyal fans

Finding customers can be a struggle, regardless of how long you’ve been in the game. Social media is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to connect with more of the right people, so don’t forget to apply your branding to every channel you post on.

Studies show that 95% of customers now head straight to social media to check out a brand they’ve just discovered. To give your profiles a professional touch, create branded logos and banners for each channel. And stay active every day – post photos, events, product information, blog posts. Once you join the conversation, your ideal customers will become invested in your story.

When you grow a following, you’ll find other brands, bloggers, influencers and journalists become interested in your work. This may lead to interviews and press opportunities which will help even more people discover your creations.  That’s why it’s a bright idea to have your branding looking its best.

Want to start upping your follower count today? Talk to our team about applying your social media logos to your labels or take a look at our guide to Instagram success.

Your best ever branding

Really good branding design is the difference between your ideal customer taking a closer look at your swing ticket or walking on by. It means your customer is proud to have that hoodie zipper pull on display, rather than just chucking it on because it was the only clean thing they had (hey, we’ve all been there). Isn’t that what you want for your brand?

If the answer’s yes, we can help you tackle the branding beast with our decades of knowledge and passion for creativity. Tell us what you need – and that’s exactly what we’ll make. Head into the new year with branding you can be proud of simply by picking up the phone.

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