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Woven Labels

British Made Woven Labels for the Biggest Brands

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10-14 working days.

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We Specialise in Supplying Quality Designer Woven Labels to the Garment Industry

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Woven labels are an essential component of a brand’s identity and serve as a representation of the brand’s quality and image. They are used to label clothing, accessories, and other products to distinguish them from others and provide customers with information about your brand.

Prestigious fashion brands across the globe use our woven labels to add the finishing touches to their garments that reflects the quality of their products and the style of their brand.

We weave custom woven labels for Designers, Tailors, Fashion Startups and The Garment Trade, giving their products that unique finishing touch that leaves a lasting impact with their customers.


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Expert Design, Production and Customer Service

Our team of experts will work with you to turn your ideas into the perfect woven label for your brand. We provide expert advice on layout, format, colours, dimensions, and type of weave, ensuring that your woven labels are exactly right for your products and brand.

Many customers have an idea of a design but need our expertise in bespoke woven label design and manufacture to turn it into the ideal woven label for their products. We give expert advice on the layout, format, colours, dimensions, and type of weave needed to make your woven labels exactly right for your garments and brand.

What Is a Woven Label?

Woven labels are created using a special type of loom that interlaces threads (Warp and Weft) to create the design and text for the label. This process creates a durable, long-lasting label that can withstand washing, ironing, and other forms of wear and tear. They are typically made of a soft, flexible material, making them ideal for use on clothing and other soft goods.

Woven labels serve as a representation of a brand’s quality and image. They provide customers with information about the brand, including the brand name, logo, and care instructions.

Labels To Match Your Artwork

Your Pantone Colours

Your Fold

Custom Woven Labels

Our customisation options are virtually limitless, with an array of colours, fonts, folds, backings and materials available for you to choose from. If you do not have a design in mind, do not worry – here at GB Labels we have years of experience in the label manufacturing industry.

Using our experience we can help with the design process of getting your logo and brand identity to look the best it can be, although we wouldn’t call ourselves graphic designers, we can help with your design needs.

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Fast Turnaround Time

We understand that time is of the essence in the fashion industry. That’s why we offer a fast turnaround time on all custom woven label orders, ensuring that you receive your labels in a timely manner. The minimum order for woven labels is 500 pieces and the normal lead time is 10-14 Working Days.

Here at GB Labels we have years of experience in the label manufacturing industry. Using that experience we can help with the design process of getting your logo and brand identity to look the best it can be, although we wouldn't call ourselves graphic designers we do help where we can with any of your design needs.

We treat all our orders with the highest priority but due to the manufacturing process we can never guarantee to ship sooner than the quoted lead time but always strive our best to do so. We do however ship all our orders next working day with a courier on all UK mainland orders once complete and can offer upgraded morning deliveries if required.

We have our very own UK manufacturing unit where we manufacture our labels. Although not all the material we use can be sourced in the UK, we make every effort to ensure the materials we do use are sourced as ethically as possible.

There is no one type of label for one type of product all our labels are bespoke and made to your unique specification to achieve the look that's right for you. If you are unsure on any aspect of your labelling needs, please get in contact with us via phone or email.

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Picking A Weave


Choosing A Fold


Backing Choices

Picking A Weave

Choosing A Fold

Backing Choices

Most woven labels are sewn directly into garments. In some situations it is not possible to sew directly onto a garment, in this case we can add a special backing so that the woven labels can either be permanently ironed (Iron-On Backing) or temporarily stuck (Self-Adhesive Backing) to the garment.

Please note: Backing can only be applied to flat labels with no folds.

Getting a Quote for Woven Labels is Easy.

If you already have a design for your woven label, choose the options you need below, then just add your contact details for a fast quote. We offer competitive prices, quality and fast delivery.

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10-14 working days.

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Minimum order


    Our Process


    Get In Touch

    Initial quote request comes through, it is processed and tested to see if it fits our requirements. Once this has been established, we will request artwork and product specifications if it hasn't already been provided.



    Once this information has been provided, we can then provide you with an exact quote and details on how to proceed. We then take a small deposit to produce a sample, which will be emailed to you prior to production to ensure that you're happy with the results.



    Following approval, your labels go into production. Once made, labels are inspected and go through rigorous quality control. They are then sent to you via next day courier to ensure you get your labels in a timely manner!

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    What's Included?

    Just launched a new product?
    Or starting up a new fashion brand?

    Introducing the Start-up Bundle from GB Labels

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    A well-rounded, all-in-one package of custom labels, this bundle will be everything you need to get your new fashion brand up and running.

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    Rated 5 star from our wonderful customers!

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    What's in my sample pack?

    • Woven Label Samples
    • Printed Cotton Samples
    • Printed Ecru Cotton Samples
    • Printed Grossgrain Samples
    • Iron On Labels
    • Woven Badges
    • Damask Self-adhesive Labels
    • Printed Satin Ribbon
    • Woven Ribbon
    • Swing Ticket

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